Aboriginal Community Initiatives: White Wolf Speaking

White Wolf Speaking is committed to promoting greater community understanding of sexual and reproductive health issues affecting the Aboriginal population, and to present culturally appropriate health education in ways that are receptive to the Aboriginal community, particularly Aboriginal women and girls involved and exploited in the sex trade and Aboriginal youth. 

White Wolf Speaking:

  • promotes ongoing development and delivery of services supporting a vision and framework for holistic community wellness
  • endorses the continued development of strong community partnerships, working mutually to strengthen community-based programs
  • provides culturally appropriate program design and development
  • offers respectful community consultation and educational program delivery that is reflective of community needs
  • accepts and welcomes those who are two-spirit/transgender/gay/lesbian/bisexual.

White Wolf Speaking is Aboriginal community-led and guided by the White Wolf Speaking Council comprised of Elders, cultural teachers, community capacity builders and other educators from the Aboriginal community. White Wolf Speaking Council provides leadership in the goals and direction of the program.

UPDATE: White Wolf Speaking is moving to Ka Ni Kanichihk! Read our news release here.

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