Youth Programming Updates

COVID-19 has considerably changed the way that community-based organizations deliver programming. SERC has designed a plan for youth programming that ensures we can safely continue to offer school and community-based workshops for youth by adapting to changing classroom and program needs. This year, there are many options to invite us into your spaces that align… Read More

COVID-19 Screening Questions

As we resume services, including in-person sessions, we continue to follow all necessary guidelines to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. All staff will continue to self-screen daily. Prior to facilitating in-person sessions, we ask that that our hosts review the attached COVID-19 Screening Questions Checklist with all participants. If the checklist advises any participants Not… Read More

Resumption of Services

The SERC Winnipeg and Brandon offices have begun to resume services after a temporary suspension due to COVID-19.  Staff will be following all necessary guidelines to prevent the transmission of COVID-19, including practicing physical distancing, frequent hand washing, sanitizing of work spaces, and more.  Please contact us to schedule an appointment before visiting our offices. … Read More

New Resource: COVID-19 Facts Sheets

SERC has created a COVID-19 information series.  Three facts sheets are now available for download: Dating During COVID-19, Safer Sex During COVID-19 and Living With HIV/Hepatitis C During COVID-19. Dating During COVID Safer Sex During COVID HIV and Hep C During Covid

New Resource: Virtual Question Box

Questions about sexuality or sexual health?  We’ve created a virtual, anonymous question box.  All questions will be responded to on our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).     For a response sent directly to an email address, questions can also be sent to:

New SERC Video Series

Staying true to our mission of promoting sexual health through education remains important, even while our offices are temporarily closed due to COVID-19.  We’ve created a video series that feature many of our educators providing information on a variety of sexuality and sexual health related topics.  The videos will be available for viewing on our website… Read More

New Resource for Teachers

SERC has created a resource guide to assist teachers in providing sexual health education remotely during COVID-19.  The resource offers suggestions for sexual health education across multiple grade levels, including accompanying Manitoba curricular outcomes.  SERC Resource – Teaching Tools During COVID-19