Help build harassment-free workplaces

SERC, Occupational Health Centre and Klinic Community Health have partnered to create and deliver a cutting edge curriculum to address workplace sexual harassment. While we’ve been hard at work researching the topic and consulting with experts in the field, getting input and feedback from folks like you will ensure that this project delivers a meaningful and effective product to Manitoba workplaces.

We’ve created a brief survey which gives you the opportunity to help steer this project in the best possible direction. If you could please fill out our short survey by clicking the link below it would help us tremendously. Sexual harassment is a serious and sensitive issue that has garnered a great deal of attention recently. It’s of the utmost importance to us and our partners that we handle this topic with the greatest care and create a program that addresses core issues and truly meets the needs of our community.

Thank you again for your time and your contribution to building safer workplaces in Manitoba.

Click here to fill in the survey.