Need Condoms?

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Condoms and other safer sex barriers are available in many places around Manitoba.

You can usually purchase these at:

  • Pharmacies
  • Online stores
  • Grocery stores

Make sure when you purchase condoms they are within the expiry date, and also state that they protect from STBBIs/HIV.

You can usually get condoms and other supplies for free or low cost at:

  • Teen clinics
  • Community health centres
  • Through a guidance counsellor at your school
  • Some community centres


Teen Clinics offer free and confidential health/medical services and are only for youth. At a Teen Clinic you can speak to a health care provider about any health issue that is important to you. Teen Clinics are located in schools or community health centres throughout Manitoba. You can usually pick up safer sex supplies for free. They also offer confidential clinical services including STI tests and pregnancy tests.

For more information about Teen Clinics, including hours and locations, click here:


We are pleased to offer free safer sex supplies for special events (e.g. health promotion events, health displays, etc.) and to organizations in Winnipeg and rural Manitoba! To request free safer sex supplies for your event or your organization please complete this form.

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