Research and Evaluation

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Research and evaluation are key to the work we do. We are committed to deepening our knowledge on topics related to sexuality and sexual health and are dedicated to the continuous improvement of our projects and programs.

SERC’s research and evaluation serve the following purposes:

  • To provide support for SERC’s programs and services
  • To provide support for SERC’s strategic directions
  • To build research capacity among SERC’s staff, volunteers, and community-based partners

As part of our evaluation process, we work with data collected from diverse sources and analyzed through mixed methods. As a result, quantitative and qualitative information is integrated into our reports which assess the impact of our work. Evaluation methods and tools are reviewed often in order to gather and present the most accurate information possible.

Our research projects related to sexuality and sexual health involve collaboration with community members, other community organizations, and university-based researchers.


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