Resources for Purchase

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SERC offers a number of resources for service providers to purchase for use in their organizations.

Condom Distribution Program

Touch Talk Game

An activity on consent, designed for use with youth and students.

Deluxe Birth Control Kit Order Form

Read below for more information on this resource:

Deluxe Birth Control Kit

Price: $180.00
Each kit contains:

  • IUD or IUS model
  • contraceptive patch
  • vaginal ring
  • birth control shot vial or syringe
  • pregnancy testing strip
  • plastic speculum
  • lubricant
  • oral contraceptive pills
  • external condoms
  • internal condoms
  • wooden penis model
  • gestational wheel
  • latex oral sex dam
  • emergency contraception pill package
  • relevant fact sheets & brochures

Birth Control Kit Replacement Package

If some of the items in your kit become worn or lost, we offer a replacement package which costs $15.00 and contains the following items: 10 external condoms, 4 internal condoms, 4 latex oral sex dams, 10 packages of lubricant and replacement fact sheet samples. If you require replacing other supplies in the kit, please contact us to discuss pricing.


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