2STLGBQ+ PnP Support

PnP also called Party and Play or Chemsex is a commonly used term among Two-Spirit, Trans, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Queer + (2STLGBQ+) folks for using drugs as part of sex. SERC recognizes that just like bars, apps, activism, and curling, this is one of many ways 2STLGBQ+ people might connect. However, the unique stigma surrounding drugs and sex can create barriers to accessing the tools folks need for safer PnP. These may include:

  • Harm reduction supply access such as injection kits, pipes, and Naloxone kits
  • Getting regular HIV and STI testing
  • Accessing supportive service providers and health professionals
  • Connecting to peers and community in other meaningful ways

SERC is launching a Winnipeg-based program to support the unique needs of 2STLGBQ+ folks that PnP. This program will be peer-led and include confidential distribution of PnP harm reduction supplies throughout our community. Stay tuned for more details!

We’ve also built a list of resources that 2STLGBQ+ folks may find helpful. If you have any questions or need support, please reach out to us at info@serc.mb.ca

Harm Reduction Supplies

  • SERC Winnipeg COMING SOON! For now, check out this list by Street Connections of all the Winnipeg locations that offer safer injection kits and crack pipe kits.
  • Sunshine House (646 Logan Ave.) carries harm reduction supplies including SERC PnP gear. Stop by during their regular hours.
  • Rainbow Resource Centre (170 Scott St.) carries harm reduction supplies including SERC PnP gear. Stop by during their regular hours.
  • SERC Brandon (B-345 10th Street, Brandon MB). Our resource centre offers safer injection kits and/or pipe kits.
  • Street Connections is a mobile van in Winnipeg that offers needle exchange and other gear during the evening. It’s on the road Monday-Friday 6:00-11:30 pm and Saturdays 5:00-11:30 pm.
  • Find a Free Naloxone Kit Naloxone is a medication that temporarily reverses overdose caused by opioids. It does not work on overdose caused by other drugs. We recommend always having a kit around just in case you or someone else needs it.

2STLGBQ+ Community Support

  • Sunshine House: Like That (646 Logan Ave.).  Like That is a program that provides a space where people exploring gender and/or sexual identity can gather for fun, skills building and recreation. It’s open every Monday & Wednesday (except for holidays and the Monday after Bingo) from 6:00-8:30 pm. Stop by and come as you are!
  • Rainbow Resource Centre (170 Scott St.) Rainbow offers support to the 2STLGBQ+ community in the form of free counselling, education, and programming for individuals ranging from children through to 55±.
  • Out There Winnipeg Offers sports and recreation activities for 2STLGBQ+ folks regardless of experience or skill level.
  • Two-Spirited People of Manitoba (333 St. Mary Ave.). A community-based organization focused on helping Indigenous TLGBQ+/Two-Spirit people improve their lives.
  • QPOC Winnipeg Queer People of Colour (QPOC) Winnipeg creates events for Queer and Trans identified Black, Indigenous and People of Colour. The group meets at different locations, coordinated via social media.
  • Our Own Health (2A-230 Osborne St.). 2STLGBQ+ primary health care services. In addition to primary care, they offer sexual health care, mental health counselling, smoking/addiction programs, and diabetes care.
  • Man on Manitoba Online health resource for Two-Spirit, Gay, Bi, and Queer, Cis and Trans men in Manitoba.
  • Nine Circles Community Health (705 Broadway). Winnipeg’s STI/HIV community testing clinic. They offer by appointment and drop-in services. They also offer harm reduction supplies including Naloxone kits through their Pit Stop program.
  • Trans Health Klinic (167 Sherbrook St.). Gender affirming health care for folks 16 or older. Can include support in hormones and/or surgery.
  • Women’s Health Clinic (A-419 Graham Ave.). Not just for women! WHC offers all genders support with birth control, abortion and eating disorders.
  • SERC Brandon (B-345 10th Street, Brandon MB). Affirming and supportive programming for 2STLGBQ+ individuals, families and friends in Brandon and Western Manitoba.

Online Support

  • MyBuzz.ca is a non-judgemental online self-assessment alcohol and substance use questionnaire for guys who have sex with other guys. This questionnaire will help you assess your drug and alcohol use and consider the effects it might be having on your sex life and sexual health. If you need support while completing the MyBuzz.ca questionnaire, you can chat online with RÉZO or EMHC support worker.

Mental Wellness and Crisis Support

Treatment Support *

*These organizations may not offer 2STLGBQ+ specific services. While we recognized their work in substance use and addictions, we can’t guarantee they know how to support 2STLGBQ+ folks. Some of these places use an abstinence-only approach, while others focus on harm reduction and reduced use.