Sexual Relationship Check-In

Myself – Ask yourself:
Do I know why I want to have sex? Am I doing this for me?
Do I agree with what is going on? Do I feel respected and cared for?
Does this feel right to me? Do I want to take this next step?

My Partner(s) – Ask yourself:
Can we talk about sex openly and honestly?
Are my needs and feelings respected by this person?
Have we verbally agreed to have sex?

Our Bodies – Ask yourself:
Have we talked to each other about our boundaries and desires?
Do we have safer sex supplies to protect from STIs and unwanted pregnancy? Do we know how to use them correctly?


Each partner has the right to slow down, or stop any activity at any point!
It is normal and often healthy to stop, slow down, or take a break in order to make sure we are making good decisions for ourselves.

Download a PDF version here.