Teen Healthy Relationships Project

The Teen Healthy Relationships Project is an evidence-based project derived from SERC’s work on healthy relationships and violence prevention. This project is a partnership between newcomer youth and the Peaceful Village, an innovative program providing after-school supports for newcomer youth and families throughout Winnipeg. Program facilitators work with educators and partner with community members to discuss and then act on the most important issues facing young people and their families.

Teen Healthy Relationships engages youth of all genders between the ages of 12 – 17. Groups are school-based, with some gender-specific small group work supporting gender and cultural safety.

Some activities include:

  • In-depth healthy relationship workshops with newcomer youth
  • Youth leaders workshops – through arts/technology, develop awareness-raising format
  • Youth Leaders classroom presentations to raise awareness on healthy relationships/violence prevention
  •  Project advisory committee (youth, schools, Peaceful Village Program)
  •  Parent sessions where SERC presents to parents about this project
  •  Community and school celebration at year end