Creating a Culture of Consent in the Workplace

Training: Creating a Culture of Consent in the Workplace

Through a partnership with MFL Occupational Health Centre and Klinic Community Health, we are pleased to offer a free virtual workshop: Creating a Culture of Consent in the Workplace. This workshop is ideal for all sectors, including private, corporate and business, and will include topics such as sexual harassment and disclosures in the workplace, developing a language of consent and respect in the workplace, and bystander skills for intervention.

Workplace sexual harassment is a harmful pattern of behaviour that negatively impacts individual staff as well as larger workplace units and teams. This workshop will focus on such topics as:

  • Identifying and discussing the underlying issues that may lead to sexual harassment
  • Increasing supportive approaches toward staff who have disclosed their experiences of sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Developing a language of consent that encourages respect and understanding in the workplace
  • Highlighting effective by-stander skills for intervention

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