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Support for Service Providers in Manitoba: Learning is Ongoing

The Sexuality Education Resource Centre MB (SERC) Training Institute knows that professional development on sexual and reproductive health topics is never a one-and-done checklist. To build a community, relationships, confidence, and a healthier Manitoba- learning is Ongoing. The Ongoing Learning Hub replaces our Training Institute; we offer the same professional development training opportunities that Manitoba has come to know and trust, but now with more options to better suit your availability. This is why we offer a range of workshops in person, virtually over Zoom, and now at your own pace anywhere on our Ongoing Learning Management System (LMS).

NEW- Learning Management System

New in 2024, our Ongoing Learning Hub launched a Learning Management System (LMS). The LMS features multiple courses that can be done on your schedule, at your own pace. There are self-directed courses as well as facilitated courses, utilizing discussion boards and feedback from a facilitator. Courses will be added each year because the learning process is Ongoing.

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Public Offering Calendar

If you are seeking our public training opportunities, including free webinars and lunch & learn sessions, check out our training calendar. Please scroll down to see our workshop offerings below. If you aren’t sure of your options or are looking for training that is a hybrid of on and offline, we can help find solutions. For private, customized training for your organization, please fill out the training request form.

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Sex Ed that Saves Lives- It’s Ongoing video transcript

Our Workshops

Teaching Comprehensive Sexuality: Facilitations Skills for Teachers and Youth Service Providers

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Formats: In-person & Virtual

Length: 2 days 

SERC has been training and consulting on comprehensive sexuality education in Manitoba for over 20 years. Teen Talk, our youth program, has been leading hundreds of workshops every year in and out of classrooms with youth for the same amount of time. This workshop is the foundation of our work.

As the world keeps changing, our workshop development is ongoing. If applicable, this training can speak to the Manitoba Health Curriculum learning outcomes, but we often go beyond those objectives to be more comprehensive. With a potential new curriculum on the horizon, we can help give you a head start. Not in a school? No problem, as comprehensive sexuality education has a place in many venues in and outside of school environments.

Interested in being a sexuality educator or sharpening your skills? This workshop is a great place to start. This workshop covers the values and approaches to our work. However, the bulk is exploring sexual and reproductive health topics with associated activities that you can use right away with learners of various age levels.

Operating Principles (Teaching Comprehensive Sexuality)

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Format: LMS

Length: Self-directed (~3 hours)

Our Operating Principles course is part of the introduction to Teaching Comprehensive Sexuality: Facilitation Skills. This self-directed course goes over the Teen Talk operating principles and how they may come up in discussions about sexual and reproductive health. The course wraps with examples from the Question Box tool that demonstrate how these principles can be applied.

Creating a Culture of Consent at Work

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Formats: In-person & Virtual

Length: Half day & Full day 

Workplace sexual harassment is a harmful pattern of behaviour that negatively impacts individual staff as well as larger workplace units and teams. Over the course of three evenings, we break down our project’s full session where participants will identify and discuss the underlying issues that may lead to harmful workplace sexual harassment and, develop a practical lens and understanding of what ‘Consent at Work’ can mean in and for your workplace. Participants will also leave with learning effective skills for bystander intervention, how to better support staff who have disclosed experiences of workplace sexual harassment as well as information about how to navigate the local resource map of support available for Manitobans.

Learn how practicing Consent at Work can contribute to your workplace culture’s foundation of trust, respect, and safety from the harms of workplace sexual harassment. We deliver this workshop to participants from all levels within any workplace and cover additional topics including bystander interventions, supporting disclosures, and navigating the resources available to Manitobans who’ve experienced workplace sexual harassment.

Visit to learn more.

Starting the Conversation: Sexuality in Our Work With People Labelled With Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities

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Formats: In-person & Virtual

Length: Half day & Full day

People living with intellectual and developmental disabilities are sexual beings with diverse experiences like everyone else, but face unique barriers to sexual and reproductive autonomy. This introductory training aims to support growth in service providers looking to enhance their skills being reactive to “teachable moments” as well as proactive in starting conversations around sexual and reproductive health with those they support. 

2STLGBQ+ Diversity and Inclusion

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Formats: In-person, Virtual & LMS

Lengths: Half day, Full day, and LMS Self-directed (~3 hours) 

Supporting diversity and promoting inclusion are essential components of working with people in culturally relevant and safe ways. This training opportunity invites service providers to broaden their awareness and build capacity around Two-Spirit, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer identities and experiences.


“SEXT ED:” Youth Sexual Development and Consensual Literacy

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Formats: In-person & LMS

Lengths: Half day, Full day, and LMS Facilitated (~1 week)

People of all ages live much more of their lives online than 20 years ago. Digital dating apps are no longer trends, but norms in many places. Is it any surprise that young people are developing and experiencing their sexuality online as well? This training focuses on how to reduce the risks and increase the benefits of online sexuality through an essential life skill: consensual literacy. Service providers will leave with understandings of the legal aspects of viewing and sending sexual material and ways to have open, non-judgmental conversations about sexuality and technology with youth.


Advocacy Into Action: SERC’s Approach to FGC

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Formats: In-person & Virtual

Length: Half day

In this workshop, we will share information about Our Selves, Our Daughters Program, an award-winning initiative that provides space and resources for newcomer women from communities affected by female genital cutting (FGC) working for a change within their communities in Winnipeg, and advocating for improved care and support offered by service providers. This session will provide an overview of program learnings, challenges and successes, and SERC’s approach when working with these communities.


Queering the Compass: Pathways to 2S/LGBTQIA+ Sexual and Reproductive Health

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Queering the Compass logo

Formats: In-person & Virtual

Length: Full-day

The Queering the Compass training promoted sexual and reproductive health within 2STLGBQIA+ communities while improving the capacity of healthcare workers and service providers who serve them. This training addressed gaps in healthcare services and empower healthcare professionals in providing inclusive care.

View Queering the Compass page for module information


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