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This form is for service provider training.

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Please fill out this form to request service provider training for your organization/team. You can select a pre-determined training offering (see descriptions below), or you can tell us about your needs and we can customize something for your team.

Workshop Descriptions

Creating a Culture of Consent in the Workplace (All sectors, including private, corporate and business)

What does “Consent at Work” mean in the #METOO and #TIMESUP era?

This 3-hour highly interactive, evidence-based workshop will support your team
to initiate, build and maintain a culture of consent in the workplace.
Participants will increase their comfort and build capacity while learning:

  • Fundamentals about gender, sexuality and relationships
  • Assertive communication skills that contribute to consensual workplace interactions
  • Conflict resolution skills that promote healthy workplace relationships
  • Bystander intervention methods for use in all areas of life, including the workplace

Teaching Sexuality: Facilitation Skills for Service Providers

This specialized, two-day training event will prepare service providers who work directly with youth and community, and teachers responsible for human sexuality curricular learning outcomes, to integrate comprehensive sexuality education lessons and activities into their programs or classrooms. Participants will discuss and practice a number of activities that can be used immediately after the training. After the training, there will be the option to purchase or download (for free) SERC’s Teaching Comprehensive Sexuality Education Kit. The Kit contains all the materials needed to teach the basics discussed during the training.

Teaching Sexuality within the MB Provincial Phys. Ed and Health Curriculum

This two-day training prepares teachers to meet the curricular outcomes of the Manitoba Physical Education and Health Curriculum related to human sexuality. The training can be customized for teachers of Grade 5 or Grades 7, 9 and 10. The first day covers the provincial curriculum, a definition of comprehensive sexuality education, an exploration of how personal bias impacts education and best practices for lesson planning to achieve healthy behaviour change. Day two will go cover tips for content delivery and activities for each component of sexuality covered in the curriculum. After the training participants will have the option to purchase or download (for free) SERC’s Teaching Comprehensive Sexuality Education Kit. The Kit contains all the materials needed to teach the basics discussed during the training.

“SEXT ED”: Youth Sexual Development and Digital Literacy

Sexuality is a core component of healthy youth development, which is increasingly happening online. This training focuses on how to reduce the risks and increase the benefits of online sexuality through an essential life skill: digital media literacy. Service providers will leave with understandings of the legal aspects of viewing and sending sexual material and ways to have open, non-judgmental conversations about sexuality and technology with youth.

2STLGBTQ+ Diversity and Inclusion Training for Service Providers

Supporting diversity and promoting inclusion are essential components of working with people in culturally relevant and safe ways. This training event invites service providers to broaden their awareness and build capacity around Two-Spirit, Transgender, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Queer (2SLGBTQ+) identities and experiences.

Having the Conversation: Sexuality in Our Work with People Labelled with ID/DDs

Healthy sexuality is a key component of overall health and wellness for all people, including those labelled with an intellectual or development disability diagnosis. This introductory training will take a rights-based approach to understanding the complexities, challenges and issues with respect to sexuality, in organizations that support people living with developmental disabilities. This introduction aims to support growth in service providers looking to enhance their skills addressing and communicating about sexuality issues in their work.

Creating Inclusive Healthcare Environments

Sexuality is an important dimension to a patient’s health – and their health care experience. This training event goes beyond the basics of sexuality to support healthcare providers and clinic staff in their work fostering a safer and more inclusive environment for diverse sexual and gender identities. Participants will learn and practice sex-positive communication skills that support authentic relationship building while learning how to audit and enhance their physical space, program plans and policies to support change within the organization.

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