Online Resources

SERC Resources – Sexual and Reproductive Health

  1. SERC Training Institute
    Support for service providers in Manitoba: public events (paid and free) by sector, on site and customized to your needs, or lunch & learn/webinar presentations.
  2. SERC Community Workshops
    Workshops on a variety of topics for community, including parents, youth and newcomers
  3. Teen Talk – Workshops for Youth and Peer Education Training
  4. Teen Talk North – Activities Binder
  5. “What is Sexuality?” and the “Sexuality Wheel”

Comprehensive Sexual Education

  1. Ed. & Health – Human Sexuality Resource Document for K-8 and 9-10
    These documents accompany the curriculum and outlines each lesson required to meet the specific human sexuality student learning outcomes of the grades 5, 7, 9 and 10 phys. Ed. and health curriculum. Written in 1998, updated in 2005.
  2. Senior Years Human Ecology – a Framework of Outcomes
    Updated in 2018.
  3. Sexual Health Education in the Schools: Questions and Answers, Updated 2018 Ontario Edition (SIECCAN)
    Detailed descriptions of up-to-date responses to common myths and misconceptions about comprehensive sexuality education.
  4. Canadian Guidelines for Sexual Health Education (Public Health Agency of Canada)
    Theory and practice of teaching sexuality education in Canada.
  5. Beyond the basics, Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights.
    Teaching tools and modules for sexuality, including updated definitions and terminology.
  6. Sexuality and U
    Sexuality and Reproductive Health information resource
  7. A guide to Trauma-Informed Sex Education
    “The Guide to Trauma-Informed Sex Education provides facilitators, educators, and youth-serving professionals with concrete strategies for integrating a trauma-informed approach into sex ed and pregnancy prevention programming.”
  8. The Trauma Toolkit – Klinic Community Health Centre
    A resource for service organizations and providers.
  9. Teaching Sexual Health – A resource for parents (Government of Alberta)

Downloadable Activities

1. Discussing STIGMA – Canadian Public Health Association
See other resources on their site for stigma research and resources.

 LGBT2SQ+ Resources

  1. Rainbow Resource Centre
    Resources, Support and Education for the LGBT2SQ+ Community, including a drop-in youth program and a youth counsellor.
  2. Creating Authentic Spaces
    The 519 is the LGBT2SQ+ organization serving Toronto. This site includes the full manual plus additional downloadable infographics.
  3. The Family Acceptance Project
    Assessment tools and associated research base for supporting families with LGBT2SQ+ children.
  4. The Gender Unicorn / Trans Student Educational Resources
    Infographics and information related to sexual and gender minority experiences (the gender unicorn).
  5. Gender and Sexuality Galaxies – Beyond the Basics, Action Canada
    Youth-friendly resources to describe sexuality and gender, interactive maps.
  6. Supporting Transgender and Gender Diverse Students in Manitoba Schools
    Document providing guidelines and support for schools in Manitoba to support Transgender and Gender Diverse youth.

Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights & Consent

  1. SERC Fact Sheet: Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights
  2. [Video] Consent for kids
    For children, also appropriate for Grade 5 Sexuality Education.
  3. [Video] Consent is like Tea (Clean Version)
    For children, youth and adults, also appropriate for middle and high school years Sexuality Education.
  4. [Video] Cycling through consent
For Young Adults
  1. SERC Messaging on Consent
  2. Consent Game Order Form (Touch Talk)
    Designed to be used with youth/students to teach consent and communication skills

Information and resources specific to Manitoba

  1. Manitoba Human Rights Commission
  2. Manitoba Human Rights Code

Anatomy Puberty and Birth Control Options

  1. [Videos] The Birds and The Bees
    Excellent Ice Breaker – appropriate for 10 and up, see the rest of the series for more.
  2. Growing up Okay!
    Healthy Child Manitoba resource.
  3. Puberty, in general (notes for Trans youth at bottom)
  4. Teen Talk North – Activities Binder
  5. Birth Control and Pregnancy SERC Fact Sheets
  6. Birth Control Teaching Kit Order Form 

Youth Sexuality and Sexual Development

  1. Manitoba Youth Health Survey
    The 2012-13 implementation of the YHS was completed by grades 7 to 12 students across all RHAs. More than 64,000 students from 476 schools took part. The survey looked at physical activity, healthy eating, body mass index, tobacco use, alcohol and drug use, school and community connectedness, hopelessness and mental wellbeing, as well as sun/UF safety, bullying, injury prevention and healthy sexuality.
  2. ACT for Youth, Centre for Excellence, Understanding Sexual Development

Resources and Information on Supporting Youth

  1. ACT for Youth, Publications and Presentations
    A listing of their articles and a reference list for their videos.
  2. Reporting of Child Protection and Child Abuse Handbook
    Resource for youth service providers in determining how and when to make a report.
  3. Canadian Centre for Child Protection – Self/Peer Exploitation Guide
  4. Cybertip – Resources for youth and adults about intimate images / risk
  5. Media Smarts – Sexting

Sexting research and resources

  1. helps teens stop the spread of sexual pictures or videos and provides support along the way.

 Indigenous Sexuality Resources for Service Providers

  1. Native Youth Sexual Health Network
    The Native Youth Sexual Health Network (NYSHN) is an organization by and for Indigenous youth that works across issues of sexual and reproductive health, rights and justice throughout the United States and Canada.

Safer Sexual Health and ST/BBIs

  1. Heads UP! Campaign Evaluation (Stats)
  2. SERC: Safer Sex and STIs

Resources and Fact Sheets

  1. Condom Line Up Game – Download and print – Alberta Sexual Health
  2. “Need Condoms?” Condom Ordering Program from SERC,
  3. [Video] Cumberland County Sexual Health
    Videos, including SUPER LUBE!
  4. HIV and HEP C info
  5. Nine Circles and the MB HIV Program
    Testing and primary care services as well as the community-based MB HIV Program

Cultural Competency, Safety and Newcomer Serving-Organizations

  1. NAHO Fact Sheet: Cultural Safety.
    Background information on Cultural Safety
  2. MANSO: Manitoba Association of Newcomer Serving Organizations
    Comprehensive listing of newcomer services in Manitoba, including for youth