“Wrap up” 2023 by donating today!

Sometimes, humor makes uncomfortable subjects easier to talk about. That’s why we’re wrapping up 2023 with some fun. We’re launching a campaign this month called #WrapItUpManitoba, where every donation made will help us roll a condom down a banana, and “wrap it up”! 

Image of a banana with a condom at the top tip of the banana. There are arrows pointing at different points on the banana, with dollar amounts; the banana is a thermometer for measuring the amount of money raised. The amounts of money on the thermometer are $1000, $2000, $3000, and $4000. There is text around the banana that says: Wrap up 2023 by donating today. #WrapItUpManitoba Visit SERC.MB.CA to donate. The background is green with colorful condom wrappers all over. There SERC logo is at the bottom.

Throughout December, we’ll post updates on how much money we’ve raised and how far down we’ve rolled the condom in hopes that we reach our goal of $4,000 by 2024!  

Safety is sexy. Donating to SERC is sexy, too.  

So, if you’re planning on getting warm and cozy this holiday season, be sure to #WrapItUpManitoba! And we don’t just mean wrapping up your “present;” we also mean wrapping up 2023 with a year-end donation to SERC.   

Donors will receive a digital thank you package with posts to share on your socials so you can brag about how hip and attractive you are and encourage your friends and followers to donate. Just use #WrapItUpManitoba in the caption to help spread the word!  

Please give. Your donation is vitally important to SERC’s work. And it is vitally important to rolling the condom down this banana.   

Visit the #WrapItUpManitoba page, or click the donate button to give today.