Youth Programming Updates

COVID-19 has considerably changed the way that community-based organizations deliver programming. SERC has designed a plan for youth programming that ensures we can safely continue to offer school and community-based workshops for youth by adapting to changing classroom and program needs.

This year, there are many options to invite us into your spaces that align with policies and protocols related to COVID-19:

  1. All sessions can still be delivered in-person, providing they follow physical distancing guidelines and other COVID-19 protocols like sanitizing and hand washing.
  2. Sessions can also be delivered virtually through online videoconferencing software, hosted by you/your division or us – we currently use Zoom and have adapted our workshops to flow well using this platform.
  3. Sessions can still be delivered to rural, remote and northern communities. We have designed and built “Virtual Workshop Kits” that contain a laptop computer, projector, camera, and cellular data stick that can be shipped to communities we cannot reach in-person due to travel restrictions, or virtually due to a lack of technology infrastructure (such as those in rural and remote locations as well as the north).

Our youth programming remains free of charge, however travel reimbursement may be required outside of Winnipeg or Brandon.

School-based youth workshops offered by Teen Talk are now offered by youth facilitators at SERC. The workshops have been shortened in length and will focus more on providing information for the time being to increase the flexibility in delivery between online or in-person platforms. These measures are designed to ensure that we can continue to provide access to high-quality, evidence-based youth health education, which is as important as ever throughout this challenging time.

There are now several options available when booking a SERC youth workshop:

  1. Complete an online form, and we will contact you in a timely manner to discuss your needs and confirm your booking.
  2. Complete a PDF and submit via e-mail to (Winnipeg) or (Brandon) with the subject line reading: “Youth Workshop Request”.
  3. Phone the Winnipeg office (204-982-7800) or the Brandon office (204-727-0417) to discuss your needs with someone directly.

To book a youth workshop, please click here.