PNP Supplies

PnP also called Party and Play or Chemsex is a commonly used term among Two-Spirit, Trans, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Queer + (2STLGBQ+) folks for using drugs as part of sex.

Peer-Led Support

Effective harm reduction programs work best when community-led. Our program is overseen seen by a peer advisory committee that meets six times per year. Members are paid for their time.

If you’re interested in joining let us know! 

PnP Supplies

SERC recognizes that just like bars, apps, activism, and curling, this is one of many ways 2STLGBQ+ people might connect. However, the unique stigma surrounding drugs and sex can create barriers to accessing the tools folks need for safer PnP.

To address this, SERC is offering now offering a Winnipeg-based Peer N Peer Program to support the unique needs of 2STLGBQ+ folks that PnP. We’ve formed a partnership with Rainbow Resource Centre and the Sunshine House to offer PnP supplies for pick-up during their regular hours.

We will soon be introducing a mail-order option. For now, we’ll contact you for pick-up arrangements from our office at 167 Sherbrook St. You can also access supplies anytime by visiting Sunhouse or Rainbow Resource Centre during their regular hours.

As we build up this program our supply offerings will grow. We are in the process of acquiring meth pipes (bubbles), but this is delayed by supply chain issues. Please stay tuned.

Order supplies here!

We’ve also built a list of resources that 2STLGBQ+ folks may find helpful.

If you have any questions or need support, please reach out to us at