Our Selves, Our Daughters – FGC Program

In 2009, SERC launched the award-winning Our Selves, Our Daughters project, an initiative that provides space and resources for newcomer women affected by female genital cutting (FGC) working for change within their communities. Experiential community leaders are at the forefront of this project, providing health education and social supports to women and other community members in the vision of ending the practice. The project also provides training for health and social service providers to improve their ability to provide culturally competent care for FGC-affected women.

Workshop series are offered for women from three national groups, a multicultural (or multinational) group, and young women from 18 to 25 years old. These sessions are meant to examine the ways cultural and family worldviews influence sexuality (including FGC) and relationships, and the ways in which social and cultural changes, including migration, affect change of views and practice of FGC and sexuality in general.  Workshop sessions are also offered to young men ages 18 to 25, engaging them in conversations around sexuality, culture and FGC.

SERC also offers workshops and presentations to health and social service providers, with the intention of raising awareness on women’s health issues and access to health care services, training workshops on FGC, notions of cultural competence and safety and care to women from FGC affected countries.

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