Why Donate?

Think back to the lessons you learned about sexuality: who taught you? Where and when did it take place?
You might have received your sexuality education in school like the majority of adults today– before smartphones, social media, and increased access to sexually explicit media. It was likely before the #MeToo movement, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and the shift towards a society that celebrates sexual and gender diversity.

While some teachers, parents and caregivers are getting it right, unfortunately,
the vast majority of sexuality education that children and youth receive is from the internet, social media, peers and other often unreliable sources.
This can lead to misinformation, confusion and even shame about a healthy and important part of our lives.

SERC’s approach goes beyond prevention, addressing the many parts of sexual and reproductive health, including consent, sexual and gender identity, relationships, culture, and values.

“SERC is ‘it’ for sexuality education,
the services are well-known and are respected with stakeholders.
The competent staff are responsive to the needs of the community.”
-High School Teacher in Manitoba

What will my gift accomplish?

A donation from you today helps us meet the demand for quality sexual and reproductive health education in Manitoba, which leads to:

  • Increased confidence and capacity to communicate and negotiate sexual boundaries
  • Increased awareness of the role that power plays in gender-based violence
  • Increased awareness of trustworthy resources and service providers
  • The prevention of unintended pregnancies and sexually-transmitted infections
  • The prevention of stigma and feelings of shame that impact mental health

 “It’s my body, my choice.
Thank you for teaching me that consent can be fun!”
-14-year-old Participant in SERC’s
Healthy Teen Relationships Program

Can I choose where my gift goes?

Yes! You choose where gift goes, the amount, and how often you donate! All funds raised stay in Manitoba:

  1. The SERC #SexEdForEveryone Campaign: innovation and best practices in sexual health education
  2. The SERC Support for Newcomers Campaign: programming and services for Newcomer children, youth, parents and families
  3. The SERC Support for Youth Campaign: workshops for children and youth on topics such as consent, healthy sexuality, safer sexual health, etc.
  4. The SERC Support for Brandon Campaign: education, outreach and resources designed to meet the needs of Brandon and the WestMan region

If you have any questions or would like to discuss ways to support SERC, contact Jared Star, Director of Development at 204-982-7812, or by email at: